The Strength of the K-Solv Group

We are genuinely excited to be able to provide a level of expertise and breadth of service that is truly unique.

With K-Solv chemical distribution and the recent acquisitions of Garner disaster response and OMI Environmental Solutions, the K-Solv Group has the expertise for any situation.

Our Mission

The most comprehensive environmental solution.

Our History

Started with Growth

One of the fastest growing chemical groups in the Gulf Coast and U.S.

KsolvGarner, 2017

In 2017 we announce our acquisition of Garner Environmental Services, Inc.

K-Solv Group, 2018

With the acquisition OMI, the K-Solv Group is truly an industry leader

Social Responsibility

We are glad to define ourselves as a socially responsible conglomorate. At all branches of the K-Solv Group, we understand we’re a part of our community and do everything to support it.


K-Solv was named one of the Top 100 Chemical Distributors in a list compiled by ICIS.